Freitag, Oktober 17, 2008

Return of the fetish

I didnt have much privacy the last weeks and months. I couldnt resist to do some collecting, but i couldnt carry out IT... And it kept working inside me. I began to feel more an more uneasy over the time. Got nearly into some kind of depressed mood.
Since i have been taking the chance to do it again, everything is back to normal. I am active again, and like to go out.
I dont really understand why the fetish has such a massive effect on my daily life. Probably thats because its a way to canalize the flow from my dark side, which otherwise penetrates my feelings?
Sounds weird?
It surely is....

One more thing.
Have been watching Donnie Darko recently. Mary McDonnell plays the mother. Never watched "Babylon 5" and didnt get she was stand with a fist.
She would do great as executrix:
  • She is emotive,
  • She dresses formally,
  • She is visibly a mature woman, but nevertheless hot

I shall have a slideshow of her photos on the screen, when meeting the noose.
That is to be tomorrow.
For now i leave pretending to be an ordinary guy towards my friends.

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Anonym hat gesagt…

You are absolutely right. She would make a perfect hangwoman. Thank you, also, for the idea of running a slideshow of a mature woman as I hang myself. What an incentive this offers to actually go through with it to its final and proper conclusion.

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