Freitag, Oktober 31, 2008

Public transport

I saw an older lady today. She might have been 55, rather slim, sinewy, oh how i do love that. She had bacombed her hair in a way, it made a high tide all along her head. She wore a short formal jacket, highlighting the sharp curves of her upper body. Further down a knee long skirt, semi-opaque tights, black classic pumps with a buckle right over her toes. I am very close to her. She has that strict regard, older women often have.
That triggers a fantasy:

I have put a personal ad online, and now older woman regularily call me home, to get some pleasure from my tongue. Would this one accept my services too?
Would she lead me into her dining room, let me sit down on the couch to get some coffee and then seat herself opposite to me? Then engage in some meaningless conversation, rather for appearance's sake than out of real interest?
Soon afterwards a twiching of her knee, tightening the skirt, tells me she wants to get it now, followed by her telling me to.
So i drop to my knees, slip my head between her legs, start licking eagerly from the source of her female potency.
When she has finished, she quickly prtends some appointments to get me out of her appartment.
After having peered into the hallway, she shoves me through the door, sliding some bills into my backpocket, not more than the 20 something bucks, that i am worthy. Slapping the one cheek with the money on it good bye, to let me know i have been a good boy.

I dream abot making a living out of that... How romantic!

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