Freitag, Februar 03, 2006

Next ejaculation will already be incited by violance.

Autoerotic strangulation will follow these steps:

1) Preparing mentally.
2) Preperation of utilities.
3) Getting off all clothes except the pair of white gymnastic slippers.
4) Driving a red candle up your anus.
5) Attaching a broom stick with your office chair of which you can adjust the seat height.
6) Start a slideshow showing onpassing mistresses.
7) You Put a cushion on the font half of the seat to intensify the friction for your weener.
8) Sit down (the erected broomstick up your spine, its tail topping the level of your head).
9) Wind a satin-scarf around your neck (for skin protection).
10) Loop a cord around your neck.
11) Tie the ends of the cord in your neck.
12) Attach the ends of the cord, so it is thight, just when you reach the highest level possible with your body.
13) Tie up your hands in your back.
14) Use the height adjustement mechanism to lower the seat height and strangle by the neck
15) Increase strangulation by continued decrease of your seat height, untill
a) Your throat constrains to protrude only whisteling breath,
b) Your breath is cut off completly.
18) Wait for the arrival of orgasm while fidgeting your belly against the cushion
19) Cum helplessly
20) Decide to either safe or to bring to an end your miserable existence.

This is what I consider a rather intense strangulation setting. It would be perfect if my feet could also be tied up. Too perfect probabaly..
Nevertheless i shall only exit by hanging in the noose.

An abandoned version to do it (German only)


Anonym hat gesagt…

This scenario is very helpful. Thank you so much. I intend to do it as soon as I can get the necessary materials together and the appropriate pictures for the slideshow.

LouisQuit hat gesagt…

Hi Anonymous,
please let me know of your experiences...

Anonym hat gesagt…

Good day, LouisQuit,

My slideshow is ready. (Thanks, again, for that idea. It will distract me as I lower the seat so that I will not be fully aware of my increasing danger.) I have the chair, the candle, the broomstick, and several pieces of rope and cord.

I do have a couple of questions about the procedure, though, and I wonder if you could help me with them. I am not sure how you want me to tie the rope around my neck and then to the broom handle. Should this be a small noose around my neck? Should I just tie it off with a regular knot? When I tie it to the broom, what will prevent the rope from slipping down the stick, since my weight will be on it with increasing force as the chair seat declines?

Also, I have thought of a way to be able to secure my hands behind me without hope of release, but how can I lower the seat if my hands are not available? The adjustment lever is beneath the seat on the right-hand side.

I am sorry to bother you with these questions, but I think both of us want the process to work. I don't mean to be a pest. I just need a little help to be able to take this project to its proper conclusion.

By the way, it is my intention to tie one ankle, run the rope behind the center of the chair, and tightly secure the other ankle before securing my hands or lowering the seat. I will be unable to use my feet to take any of my weight off the neck rope. This should prevent me from reducing the pressure on my neck.

What do you think? Can you help?

Anonym hat gesagt…

Hello, again, LouisQuit,

If you have any comments that you are able to offer,in English, about how to prepare, mentally and psychologically, for this experience, I would very much appreciate them. I certainly don't want my emotions to interrupt the process nor to prevent me from engaging in it at the last moment.

LouisQuit hat gesagt…

Dear friend,

i am glad to hear, that my personal experiences are inspiring you.
Nevertheless i do not intend you to do anything, or in which way however.

If you're interested to exchange thoughts or fantasies, just write me:

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