Montag, September 22, 2008

I dreamt a dream, what can it mean,...

I dreamt it long ago, when i was sixteen and secretly in love with a girl who i only knew by sight. I adored her, but never dared to get close to her.
So the dream was setted in the shoolbuilding, and i was stalking her through empty hallways in order to get a glance of her appearence.
Then somehow i had her shoes, black chinese style mary janes, in my hands and i felt profound happieness.
Then i woke up into my real life, excempt of my princess as well as her shoes. And i was quite despaired.

My shoe-fetish seems to be a very profound one. But i dont know much of its origin. I only wonder by now, why in this dream i seemed to be more lucky about getting my hands on her shoes, than on her body. Probably since i am not worthy to get near the woman i adore, i focus on objects belongig to her.
Of course it is much deeper than that as i often feel attracted by women, primarily by the shoes they wear, their bodies and faces seem to be secondary.

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