Samstag, Februar 23, 2008

New World Order (3/3)

“Now... gentlemen...!” The girl doesn't manage to hold back some giggling in regard of such an address. But the mistress doesn't let herself getting disturbed by that:
“You may have realised by now, that this will be your terminal lesson. To my left, there's the gallows. And my sure-handed young sister, will string you up from it just one after another. Despite you being male, i am well aware, that for anyone, his existence is a very precious thing. Nonetheless your mere existence being a threat for our society, it's the counselling sister expressed opinion, those of your kind are to be hung. And we don't want to disrespect their feelings after all, do we...?
It might be futile to do, but i would like to address your intellectual dimension now. Condoms today, those you got slipped over right now, are not what condoms meant to be in former times. As we all want society to prospect, your exterminal semen will not be spurted in vain. As we're going to collect it. And we are going to use it so our beloved sisters may develop to real women, that meaning to give birth. As we are a civilized society today, we want to keep the violent sexual moment, all you males convey, off them.
But although your physical drive might not be fulfilled, at least not the way you urge for, rape, control and by that: abuse, your semen will be seeded on fertile ground, and it will help to give birth to new life. And isn't that all you're urging for in the end? To inseminate? To have distributed your sperm?
So this is the terminal lesson! And this is what this lesson is all about: We're fulfilling the circle of life, and we are providing to you the means to do it right!
I thank you for your attention!”
Silence. Then...
“Don't you want to thank your mistress for such a enlightening guidance?” the younger one whispers menacingly. The guys hesitate first, than there is a inconsistent murmur of “Thank you” and similar expressions.
“I beg your pardon” the younger sister steps forward, twitching the aluminium bar.
“Thank you very much, mistress” voices the choir at once.
“You do know how to be polite, but rather prefer not to be, do you?” the girl states, not for waiting for an answer this time.
“Please, proceed now.” the mistress asks her sister. “Only this one...” turning to the young one at the bottom of the row, “This one is going to do me a little favour...”
“Step forward, prick!” the apprentice commands and he does. The lady meanwhile moves back to her armchair, letting herself down on it, sinking into the soft cushion, slipping with one hand under pinafore and skirt, pulling forth her panties, dropping it carelessly.
“I like that one somehow, he'll give me pleasure until you carried out the four other ones. He's going last. And we're going to make it a bit easier for him in return.” She spreads her legs: “So please...”
The girl doesn't manage to hold back a dissatisfied look, but it's how her mistress feels like, so of course she doesn't oppose herself to that. Only the guy doesn't move.
“So go over to your mistress and do as she asked you to.”
He makes some steps toward her, then halts, not knowing where to look, getting no help from his fellows, stricken with fear, helplessly turning towards younger and older sister, does one more step than halts again, already in front of her:
“But isn't... that... considered disgraceful...?” he manages.
“You stop arguing now and kneel down in front of your mistress!” the apprentice screams, coming upon him eagerly.
“Do you see these hands, son...?” the experienced one displays her skinny dexterous fingers, “I have stopped counting a long time ago now. But let me assure you of one thing: i know very well how to slip a noose over a handsome lad's neck like yours is. I can make you dance just as long as i want you to...”
Now the guy trembling with fear more than ever before finally breaks out in tears.
“I... I...”
The rod hitting the hollow of his knees from behind makes him do what he resisted to do, kneeling before the mistress, his unbalanced body nearly topples over, his chin coming to rest just between the legs of his mistress, who instantly pulls up her skirt, so her blossom lies open in front of him, filling his senses with her scent. She slides the skirt back, covering his head.
“You are going to start veery slowly. Just count, every noise of a stool kicked, you may get faster. It would be perfect to climax at number four.
I might reconsider your uninsightfullness then...”
And still sobbing, he starts licking eagerly. Shivering over and over while pleasuring her.
“Please...” says the mistress winking somewhat thoughtlessly towards her apprentice, getting more relaxed every minute.
It's finally the turn of our young instructress now, who moves to the next guy in the row, grabs his arm and drags him silently towards the beam, and the stool placed beneath. She puts up one of the nooses form the ground, gets behind him, slips it over his head, places it tight around his neck then, witnessing the shiver running down his body, when the rope embraces his delicate skin. The end of the rope following down his spine now.
“Step on the stool know.” she commands and he does. She places one of the stools behind his, steps upon it, is very close to him, smells the fear from his naked body, sees the muscles, their trembling, she has done quite some so far, but she still is not yet used to it. She wants to enjoy it one day, probably not quite like her mistress does right now, but she wants to be able to really do it out of ease once. She takes the loose end, then fixes it to the hook. Then steps down again, leaving him strung up. Bending aside, to see if the mistress is about to something. But being rather occupied right now, she doesn't really want to have to interfere any more, waving slightly annoyed with her hand:
“Jjj...ust go ahead. them up..., right one after the other, you... mhmm... are able to do that!”
The girl hesitating one more moment, thank kicking hard against the stool, that rumbles from under the first guys feet. He doesn't really drop, just dangles following the impulse he received, one of the guys in the row emits a shrill shriek, the mistress opens her mouth wide, sliding the tongue over her lips, as the helpless guy slowly starts to kick, driven from the nooses grab around his soft neck, his muscles spasm, his cock rises continuingly, then he quickly gets limb. The apprentice just manages to get in his front in time, he didn't spurt by himself so far, but a slight manipulation from her hand makes him come involuntarily but swiftly,than dangling still from the rope. The lady moans. A slight scent of death is filling the room now.
More resistance from the next, the suicidal one. She gets him up the stool, but as she wants to knot the end of the rope he starts to yell:
“You're not instructesses... What you're is murderesses, you're plain killers, that's what you are. I crap on your society. This is no civilization! This is a terror rule! You might kill us now! But there will be resistance, there will be....”
The older sister definitely angry from being disturbed while receiving pleasure, yells:
“Just shift the noose a little bit under his chin. This is still a lesson, and than make him quiet!”
“You can torture me to the end, just go on, just reveal your true nature, you monste...” The stool leaves his feet noisily, cutting off his breath, bending back his head, he is kicking instantly, his hopeful feet trying to touch ground made unreachable for him, his body stretches, longer and longer, but far from getting him anywhere, continuing kicking, sobering from the two left in the row, witnessing terrorised the dance of their fellow, getting nearer and nearer to their own fate. It takes him 5 minutes, the tightened sling forces his penis up like an awaking sprout, it waggles futilely, he doesn't come, he doesn't go, dangling like forever from the noose's end, kicking, palpitating, agony forming his face to the likeness of his mistress. Then he finally shoots into the condom. His tired dick finally bends downs, dragging his resistance with it, bringing him down, then his is still.
Number three, being overweight goes quite easily, he hangs still from the noose, without any kicking, only shivering slightly. Two, three pumps are enough to milk him, then there is finally a third lifeless body, hung by its neck, carried by a massive beam.
The lady now is fully aroused, moaning wildly, moving here stretched out tongue from one corner of her mouth to the other, overwhelmed by the service provided between her legs, and the continuing view of men slowly and helplessly hanged to their unlucky death, bought violently to ejaculation, one time in their lives against their will, what a lesson!
As much joy this scene is providing for our lady, the fourth one seeing all the lifeless bodies next to him, having the strong smell of death in his nose, knowing he's definitly going to following them now is about to panic. The young woman, has to drag him under the beam, continuedly hitting him with the rod, beating him up the stool, tossing him down from behind, while still standing on her stool, hooking herself on his body and pulling him down, so the snapping of his neck can distinctively be heard by all in the room. But she has her hand on his cock, being enough to have his involuntary insemination inside the rubber cloth.
Left number five, who is trembling beneath the skirt, of the mistress he is serving bravely. He never stopped to sob. But the lady still hasn't finished so far.
“We can't hang him now..., i need him to fulfil his task” she sighs, “may i ask you to just sling him the rope around the neck, and strangle him using your bar.
We'll save time doing so, and he definitely will do a good job this way... After having been such a disappointment up to now.

The guy wants to flee. But the young mistress has already his head pressing it against the senior one's demanding slit. The rope is quickly wound around his neck, she ties it together over the bar, and starts turning, forcing his tongue out again, forcing him doing his job, while still breathing rantingly. His body loose all balances, his feet urge to kick, his tied hands trying to get free. But the young one holds him in position, pushing the bar forth and forth, eventually cutting his breath, making his tongue work by itself, controlling his twitching muscles under her.
Then he finally goes limb, but late enough for his mistress to relax together with him, he slides down lifelessly, the tongue protruding from his mouth, the back of the head hitting ground, lies there motionless, garotted slowly to his death.
“The best you can get out of men! And you just skipped it...!” the older sister sighs ,,But you really did it all quite smooth, darling!”
“Thank you mistress!”


Pakipervboy hat gesagt…

That was beautiful. I so enjoyed reading about the ejaculation of death. You will forgive me, of course, but as a queer sick fuck, I could not so much identify with your female fantasies, but the gallows have fascinated me since I was about 9 years old, and my first auto-erotic feelings (apart from the family sex I had) were when seeing pirates with nooses round their necks in picture books. I got so hard, but did not THEN associate my hard little cock for executions with the sex that I already knew. Thanks again for your fantasies.

LouisQuit hat gesagt…

Hi pakipervboy!

Thank You for your input!
It's been the same for me, the hanging-thing has been earlier than sexuality. But today i need the woman to execute it.

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