Freitag, Februar 15, 2008

New World Order (2/3)

The mistress, who sat there watching quietly so far, finally interrupts her:
“Be calm darling... Remember, you only get smoothness, if you create it yourself first. Give the young lad some time...
This is still a lesson after all...!”
“I apologize, mistress... I just wanted to avoid giving them any chance to release their physical aggressiveness...”
“How well I now, darling...! And you're quite right to be aware of that. Nonetheless they are all well cuffed, and accessible to any disciplinary action you choose. So just relax...!”
“Yes mistress...
So handle your shirt first before getting up!” she tells him, trying to keep her patience.
“I... I will...” he responds. And manages to at the end. Now they again all stand there, lined up in front of the desk naked and shivering, trying to hold their sighs, to not raise any more anger of their young instructress, but not managing it all time long, earning dare-you-looks, from her, who herself searches for an opinion in the eyes of her mistress now.
“Just go ahead.... You're doing quite fine so far. Just stay relaxed...!”
So the girls walks forth to the sturdy desk, commanding the first one:
“You! Step forward, and bend over the table!”
The one, a older one, she wonders if he might be even older than thirty, asking herself how he managed to make it up to such an age, allowing herself some slight feelings of respect towards him, as he must have gained quite control over his physical impulse for getting so far. He has put his chest flat on the lacquer surface, awaiting things to follow. She raises the rod meanwhile, leading a key down to his hands, asking herself why not just more men were like this one, which would have rendered things much much smoother. She finds the lock and opens the cuff, ready to strike at any sign of resistance.
“Put your hands on your back... Calmly!” she orders. He does, his knees shivering from such an become uneasy position. She relocks the cuffs in his back, then stepping right behind him, shoving his legs apart with her knee, grabbing one of the plugs placed on the table earlier and drives it up his anus with one continuing move. His body stiffens and he groans. She reaches under his body, to check his penis for erection. Positive, and she sighs, uttering to herself, but so that he can hear it as well:
“Violence and again violence, is that all you guys understand? Don't you have no feelings? No emotions...?”
He doesn't answer. She keeps his erected piece in her hand, grabs a transparent condom from one of her pockets, slips it over with an uneasy feeling.
The next one is younger, probably 22 or 23 but certainly not much older. The procedure she applies is the same, only when reseizing his wrists, she remarks rather fresh vertical scars on them. Must be one of the suicidal ones. Not able to impose it on someone else, turning his aggressiveness against himself. Pitiable creature almost, but only as long one not knows what lies behind such behaviour.
So she proceeds. Meditating on the backgrounds of her work, accompanied by the content moanings of her mistress.
Yes they are pitiable, but at the one hand, they demand severe control by all females to keep up a balanced and peaceful society. It's not that some liberty hasn't been tried. But it had failed. She read all about it in the manuals. And now they had to stick to the more severe kind of tutoring. That being sad somehow, there just was no alternative way.
She finally had reached to the last, the very young one, that was shaking badly.
“Just keep it still!” she says, trying to rather convey a sense of understanding, than to express her continuing impatience with him. But his trembling goes on. She plugs him nonetheless, with quite a violent move, he queecks, his body retracting. But this time the check fails, he is limb like a dried out garden hose. She pulls back for a moment. Reflects about what to do next, tries to get in the plug just a little bit deeper. With him palpitating as only result. Then she tries, to get the rubber on his penis nevertheless, but again to no avail.
Helplessly she turns to her older sister:
“Mistress, this one just doesn't get it...!
How should i proceed?”
Having been watching mutely all time long, she now raises, with a faint smile on her lips, comes up toward her apprentice.
“Darling, you've done such good work so far, but this now is one thing, that makes out a real instructress. This means knowing what you won't find in the textbooks. So i ask you to watch and lean!”
She comes up to the young guy, still bend over the table shivering:
“So our little piggy doesn't get a hard one, hmm?” she ask in an emotion clad way, which even towards youngest instructees is definitley been asked to avoid by the counseling sisters voice. Swiftly she slaps her flat hand on his buttocks, making them wabble, going on stroking over them in continuing circles, shifting forward then, reaching his piece and professionally and caring it once, pulling his foreskin back from his glans. He sighs softly, having him made aroused enough, she gets over the condom, haven't taken more than 2 minutes all in all.
“See...? They may be mannerless brutes, but a lady's emotional touch always turns out to be more powerful. That's why we are to guide society after all...
You now may raise. “ directed to the donator.
Once again, they're lined up neatly one next to the other, looking shamefully to the ground not to arouse any dismay. They are just one step closer to final treatment.
“Allow me to interfere for one more time, my dear!” the older sister says, getting in posture right before the guys:

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