Samstag, Juni 30, 2007

They're everywhere

And they are real, as always!
Not only two-dimensional images flickering over your screen.
They are athletic young women wearing ballerina maryjanes, their hair cut sleekly.
They are stylish clad ladies...
Earlier, an asian woman, about the age of 45, blouse and kneehigh black skirt, shiny pumps and even legs.
How would it be, if she eventually kicked the stool away from under your feet?
Only that shes not interested in that.
No one is...; never!
She would be disgusted!
And she would be happy if she knew, that you are doing it hidden in your closet, silently and spared her from your intrusive hopes
But like that you're no more to her than another one of these anoying gawkers from the streets.
No one to give you what you deserve.
No one to accept the final salutation of your member.

You shall go of; soletarily. It's ok that way.
Fits you right!

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