Donnerstag, Juni 28, 2007

Movies You should watch!

Sandra Larson (Molly Parker) is a nercophiliac and lives out her desires after lessons at mortuary school. Her fellow student falls in love with her.
But he has to realize he cannot enter her world, as she is drawn towards t
he dead and not towards living bveeings.
He takes the consequences and hangs himself in front of her. She tries t
o dissuade him, but eventually she's too idle, finally wathes him duying and accepting his sacrifice. (You can find a fuXXing brillant scene, where she crouches before him, her face changing from being terrified first to be aroused more and more.)

At the final scene, she engages with him in the mortuary.

Ok, she's not his hangwoman, but she accepts his suicide on her behalf.

Hard Candy

14year old Haley Stark uncovers a pedophilac, she has been chatting in the net with for some time. She makes an appointment with him, drugs him,
then torturing him, finally preparing to stage his suicide.
Therefore she strings him up leaving a fabricated testimonial.
He can escape from the gallows, only to showdown with her on the rooftop, where she coerces him into hanging himself, in return for her staying quiet about his drak side.
As he jumps, she withdraws this promise.

Its her to slip the noose around his neck. He goes byhimself, but its her, who wants to destroy him, who wants him to end in the noose. And she forces
him to.

Last one is:
The return of Martin Guerre (La retour de Martin guerre)
A medieval town after a long war.
Arnoud de Thyl (Depardieu) returns taking the identity of Martin Guerre, household and wife included. Guerre has told him every detail of his life before duying in battle. So Thyl can resolve any doubt about his fake identity.
Only after years of living with him, Guerre's wife testifies against him, therby delivering him to the gallows.
You can see her tender shudder, when he plunges into the noose's grip. She enjoyed the time with him, she liked him. Her persisiting doubts are no more than a pretext, it's like she has become tired of him, throwing him away like a used toy.
It's not her who does the hanging (there's a hangman), it's more a platonian thing, let's say...

Apropos used toys: any idea about Ilpollaio beeing down for several weeks now, anyone?

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