Mittwoch, Mai 02, 2007

In the news....

Man Accidentally Hung During Neo-Nazi Bondage Sex Game

38-year-old Simon Burley has died after a kinky sex game with his lover Elizabeth Hallam went wrong. According to Hallam she was roleplaying a neo-Nazi hangman. She said that Burley put the noose around his neck and she kicked the chair away.

The plan was that she was to cut him down with a knife that he supplied. The knife was too blunt and Hallam was unable to cut the rope. Paramedics unsuccessfully attempted to revive him at the scene.

Coroner Stewart Atkinson recorded an open verdict, despite hearing testimony from a neighbour that the couple argued. Hallam claimed that it was part of the roleplay. Atkinson ruled it was impossible to know if Burley knew the knife was blunt.

She didnt know the knife was blunt...
Sure, she didnt...
Slipping away from justices grasp like that she has all my sympathy!

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