Sonntag, Mai 06, 2007

2 Years of Praying to the Hangwoman...

... and still she didnt come for me!

And neither did they...
They didnt even cancel the account.
Or delete the content.
Or at least send me a warning... anything...
I must admit it: I'm honestly surprised!

The reason why I started this blog was to express my pathetic sex drive, becoming yet another weirdo to spam the net with all his dammed up frustration from his depraved desires not beeing satisfied. Even if I polished this blog up a bit lately, put on positive content, joined the community and so on, it's my personal piteousness which is giving the base of my activity here.
And I wont deny it...
No, I'm prowd of it!
Its what i've declared from the beginning!
And I wont stop!

Furthermore it has
been a real conent-related concern, i started this blog for. There's really lots of asphyx-related stuff on the internet, communities, chats, pics, manips, videos... anything....
But - although things may have changed slightly - it's basicly about guys who do the dirty work, and girls enjoying the suffering. Try to look for women to string up their worshippers: Nothing, Rien, Niente, Nada, Nix! There have been some approaches (like The Female Executioners group on Yahoo), but if you see or read about guys hung
well, its mainly gay content (which is interesting too, but simply not arousing if you're hetero).
As there has been not much, i decided to start something myself, put together the sparse material from the net and so on.
As already mentioned, things have changed a bit lately, it's no longer impossible to meet people with this special kind of orientation.
I really am glad about that, and beeing a part of it.

Finally a cultural notice: the blog orginally in German only, has gradually switched to English as main posting language. I tried to keep up bilingual blogging for some time
but it turned out much to complicated (had an english journal, which i deleted meanwhile).
I always wanted this blog to be internationally readable. And yes i am able to write in English, but
simply put it's much more easier to express oneself in your mother-language. So I will keep stories and some other texts in German, but try to write more english.

And to return to the beginning of this post: i always hoped using german spared me from the watchfull eyes of online voce-squads.
At least gradually...
I hope beeing wrong in my paranoia...

That's all for the anniversery!
Finally, I would really
be glad reading something from you!

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