Samstag, November 27, 2010


Mi thirst was a strong as ever. And i was so very imaptient.
And Mistress gave me her allowance. Under the condition to reveal everything.

I got myself naked.
And i wrapped a scarf around my neck, tied its ends together and attached a stick to it.
A perfect garotte.
I went on my knees and started to turn and tighten the scarf.
A strangulation instantly has an impact on the whole body, heartbeat quickens, it gets hot, every muscle is under alert and tension, panic is rising. Entwined with a profound feeling of punishment.
And while continually reducing the air, i started to fantasize how it could be like:

How Mistress would strap it on and have me on my knees. Worshipping her power with my mouth. And then how she would tie me up carefully, get me in place, and penetrate me, all slow and easly.. at first.
And how it would be her, to turn of the air, to make me squirm under her, like the naughty boy i am.
How she would ram and strangle me, ever harder, ever more intensivelly...

Quickly i came on the floor.


Anonym hat gesagt…

Mmm, very good, my sweet boy.

LouisQuit hat gesagt…

I am glad, you like it, Mistress

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