Dienstag, November 16, 2010


I have been drifting in the void.
i have been feeling the idle sensibility of my body. Its pointlessness, its delinquency.
And like out of nowhere, Mistress sets foot on my excistence, and all of a sudden my perception is suffused with her presence.

I adore my Mistress,
how she soothes my burning skin,
how i may gaze at her,
how she easily wields her feminine power over me.

In fact Mistress owns me completely,
i cease being a person and become a toy in her shadow, a toy filled with raw emotions and sensations, she can play on.

Maybe one day she will claim my complete submission, and i will have to string myself up.
I am sure i will be anxious about that, and all selfishly hesitant.
I am equally sure i would do it.
First i would carefully finalize my live.
Then i will walk out in the woods,
dressed liglty, a long red rope in the backpack
i will search for a fitting tree, a strong gnarled one, who already carries the weight hundreds of years.
I will undress.
And i will hang myself slowly,
keeping a hankerchief in the hand saying: "I love you, Mistress!"

If Mistress likes, i could visit her so she could watch...

sloppy boy

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