Samstag, Januar 19, 2008

The Koran girl,

aged around 20. She is very stylish. Last time she wore a short black dress, with frills not quite hiding her thighs, letting her legs appear to be even longer. She covered them with opaque violet tights, as required by current fashion trends. And her feet, she always shuffles them to form an open triangle, which looks totally girlie. She wears black flat and somehow wrinkled maryjaneses, pointy and bent up over her toes.
Her moon face is perfectly made up, an obscure blaze around her eyes, the cheeks en rose.
She has a childish attitude, and lisps when speaking, what lets her appear rather dumb.

I hallucinate becoming her toy, being strung up occasionaly just like that. Right after having licked her shoes clean together with those of her friends, having joined in to giggle on my convulsive exiting together.

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