Samstag, März 08, 2014

Repost on occasion of women's day...

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I have spoke about my shoe fetish earlier.
To sum it up, it's all about female self conciousness and elegance, that isn't attached to male's attention, in contrary it ignores it a little bit.
For some years now there is some new style of womans shaes around: Tom's!

These are an expression of the modern female self-respect and comfort with herself. She feels cute, without ever wasting a thought to possible male attention.
These shoes are soft and nestle along the shape of her wearer's feet and yet there is a grain of deformity, real casual carelessness. The cloth covers the instep, protects it, hides it from hungry eyes.
Even the setting of the photo shows us, lace in the background,  that we are still in the girl's realm.

So seeing a pair of female feet wearing them, makes me feel completely useless, worthless. And a strong urge for the noose, to atone for my being wrong, for impuryfing the cosmos with my existence.

I would love the hangwoman to wear those when slipping the stool from under my feet. I would buy them for her as a present. Slipping them on her feet befor the execution.....

How about that?


Anonym hat gesagt…

A lovely gift, sweet boy. So aware of your worthlessness, your need for your death at my pleasure.

LouisQuit hat gesagt…

Mistress, your worthless boy longs eagerly to die for your pleasure, slowly, painfully....

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