Sonntag, Juli 17, 2011

Proper punishment

I havent been very active the past months, i felt sore somehow. But inside myself, the urge kept working, and found its way to surface.
I started to feel uneasy somehow, very irritable. And then found out what was behing it, my guilt, feeling dirty, which has zo be treated, that measures have to be taken upon.
Of course there is no other thing than the noose,
the only way for me to atone appropriately.

Of course i couldnt do that without Mistresses permission.
I didnt want to bother her, because of that, as i know how busy she is, but being the sloppy boy i am i did that eventually...
Mistress granted my wish lavishly.

And so i finally strangled my self.
I got on my knees, with a broom in my back, a noose around my neck, with one end tied to the put up end of the broom, hands fixed in my back around the broom.
I lower my position, and get strangled by the noose.

I feeled very dirty, very distorted by doing it, discredited by my self.
And thats the point, the reality the noose reveales about me, im not only a sloppy boy, i like it, and i like to feel the proper punischment for that.

And i didnt need my hands to cum, my winkie stands eagerly as soon as i feel the pull from the noose. Until i came gasping, spurted my semen on the floor, wrung out by the noose.

I feel releaved, and fundamentally exhausted and
clean again.

I hope you enjoy this report, Mistress....

your worthless slave


Anonym hat gesagt…

My dear boy,

I wish I could be there to watch you, to touch you, as you gasp in the noose.

Your Mistress

LouisQuit hat gesagt…

Oh Mistress, i cant imagine anything more appropriate, than suffering under your eyes...

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