Montag, Oktober 18, 2010

Tuesday, Oct. 12, 2010

Mistress already expected me in the chat.
And i was so happy to join her there. We hadnt got the chance to talk for quite some time.
We exchanged actualities, i updated her about what i did lately, and she was kind enough, to share some of her life experiences with me.

Somewhat later she reminded me, that we werent together for idle chat.
That i am a bad boy, that i am a miserable lad.
And that i deserve punishment.
That i dont deserve the air i breath.

I was ordered to undress, get on my knees, and choke myself with a scarf.
And i submitted happily.
So i kneeled in front of my table, and pulled tight a brown silken scarf until my breath rattled, my flesh shivered and strangulation made my indecesive winkie stand.
Mistress was very content with my report. She ordered me to pull harder.
And i did.
I rubbed my weener on the glass plate of the couch desk.
And Mistress told me she was satisfied, having me like this, kneeling naked, the breath cut off nearly completly, shivering, twitching, wanking as she wanted me to.
So many thousand miles away from her, and still at her will.

And when she rendered her verdict, when she appointed me to death by hanging, not then, not close by, but for sure, i spurted cloudy sperm on the clear surface.

Sloppy boy

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