Sonntag, April 05, 2009


By mere chance i stumbled over a novel by the german author Hubert Neumann called Lusthängen where a guy is hanged by a woman for her pleasure.
Of course i had to get it and all in all it is a very nice book, even put away the special interrests part.
And as I am such a nice guy, i made the effort and translated a passage for you non german readers:

I wont let you hang there! I promise. When you loose conciousness, I ease the knot and let you down at once! - You can trust me. I wont leave you alone!
The words still roaring inside his head, like drummbeats in an empty church. They have been so convincing. - And now! Where was that bitch now? He had gone unconscious after all. Just briefly. For the tenth of a second. And still he was hanging from that damn tree. That bitch – god knows why – hadn't got him down. The forrest and everything around him became distorted and started to twist wildly.
Get me down already!
His legs dangled in the air. They must have slipped off the box. Where was the fucking box? He tried to stretch as far as he could to reach the box with his toes. He didn't find it. It was gone. Could that be true? Why did he get himself into that game? He had done all that only to show her. To frighten her.
Where was the fucking box?
The pressure on his neck strengthened even further as he tried to stretch himself. He felt horrible pain in the nape.
Where was the fucking box?
He heard the roar of an aeroplane and tried to open his eyes. He didn't manage to. Something was hindering him. Something slowly blew up inside his head, swoll, was about to bulge out from his eyes. Help! He tried to scream. That didn't work either. The fucking gag in his mouth!
You must not be heard.
Aside some retching he didn't manage anything. He had the feeling his lungs would burst, he would suffocate. It was like a hot wind blowing through his guts.
Where was the fucking box?
No use. He would have to pull himself up the rope and then ease the noose! The noose, yes! But how? His arms where tied to his body. Softly. It should only look like real.
He didnt want to hang himself after all!
You shouldn't be able to see on the foto, you're not dangling freely in the air. The game works as well and goes on much longer! Enough time to shoot plenty of fotos...
He contracted his arms, pressing them away from his body. It worked. The rope loosened. Quick! Soon his hands where free. Now only grab the rope over the head and pull yourself up. That worked too. The tension waned. He had to hold on. But he had to loosen the noose too. While holding fast onto the rope with one hand he bustled around the noose and soon had the nylon stocking in his hand he had filled with foam rubber to not chafe his neck. Where was the knot? Where was the damn knot?
Quick! The rope cut into his neck. He went over everything lightning-fast as his head was clear.
He had put off his clothes and put on women's wear for fun. He had left away the panties. He had tied himself – his arms to the body, so he could barely move his hands. First he put the nylon stocking around his neck and then the noose. - And where was the fucking knot? Where had he put it? - Then: He had pulled the end of the rope. Okay. Was bobbing up and down. And he has still been standing on the box. The noose went tight around his neck and then soft again. It went tight and soft. That's how it had worked. Then he was pulling the end of the rope carefully, until he was standing on his tiptoes. Okay. Okay. Then the box has been away. That bitch must have had pulled it away from under his feet! And that fucking branch had been carrying his weight. The rope had corded his neck. Blood had shot up his dick. He had come. He nearly exploded. Spasmodically. He had let go and had become unconscious. Only for the tenth of a second.
Don' forget it can happen that you loose control over the muscles of your legs and feet when you have an orgasm.
Okay! Okay! But where was the fucking knot? Where was the fucking knot now?
He felt a mouth on his ear. Someone was whispering: “If one hangs himself, the devil dances with him.
He gasped. Fidgeted. His hand left hold of the rope. Just now he felt the knot he had placed over the right ear. And not at the nape, - so he wouldn't get unconscious quickly. Help!
Beast? That pig! Why wasn't she helping him? He tried to thrust his head backwards, to gasp for air. He was shivering. His head was burning. Then abruptly that black chocking haze! He couldn't see. Couldn't hear anything. Except for an infernal humming noise deep inside him. He got limb, his intestines slackend, before he realised what happened to him. Help!
Then he heard screaming trashing trumpets.


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