Samstag, November 22, 2008


Warm season defintely ended with the first fall of snow.
No more mary janes and ballerina flats to turn my head. Shiny polished boots are okay though.
I enjoyed a last rise in temperature two weeks ago, when i had to queue at the cafeteria behind a girl wearing soft white ballet flats, with angular caps and a outward turned sewing line. Additionally they had some athletic ornaments. (Anyone knows a online shoe glossary btw?)
I fantasized about going down on my knees and licking those well done crossover of style shoes, instead of talking to the girl who herself didnt look very special.

Neither did i reply to the compliment received from an elderly lady, inside an elevator(!).
Its my fault as always. It's my shyness. 

I will meet the noose today and i am rather anxious about it.
Only that this is what i need that.  

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