Freitag, Oktober 13, 2006

Pure Theory

...but it isn't because of yourself - the one being you are - she wants you to dangle.
But for you being a male, because of your winky. Your threatening virility, which she wants never to have come in act. Your sexuality, which she sentences you for, which she is chastising you for, which she drags you into the gallows' shadow for.
It's positively a sexual reason, she strings you up for. It's a sexual act: your execution. That you coming is a part of. Since you're male.
No matter how much you deny it, try to act unmanly...
You can't be not male!
And that's why you must cease to be, since you were male.
For only by your exital ejaculation can it be assured, that all maleness is drawn off you. That is inquisitions' holy justice!
Only by violent death you shall be saved.

By all the important role this is playing for you (since it's you to be dangling), it is nevertheless fact, that in reality you're not even capable to a sexual expression of your maleness. That you are unmanly, always was, and at no time not wanted to be; since you've been making an afford in suppressing any such statement...
No, your punishment shall take place representative for any man, you shall atone on their place. Because you are seizable for female hands, because they have access to you, simply because they can do it to you. Besides letting everyone else proceed.
You're no more than a pawn being sacrificed in the match of sexes, not worth the weight your meat puts on the scale.

And to be honest:
Isn't that the hidden script behind all your friendships with women?
Come on! Admit it simply!
Try honesty!

Good boy...!

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